Compile/link after adding new stage in PanAPT
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Compile/link after adding new stage in PanAPT


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After adding a new level “STAGE” in the library level Maintenance panel, we see some of the Link jobs (PPLUS found in prod region) & compile jobs(CLOAS found in test region) of other applications are abending. The issue is the compile/link procs aren’t picked at all. Due to this reason, we have backed out the changes made to library level maintenance panel. Post this back out, the LINK job completed successfully. It seems the PANAPT move model LNK2VNUL has a condition check “ IF $MOVETIME = 'Q' “ that fails after adding the new level “STAGE”. We have referred to CA Panapt admin guide, page 440 that says ‘MOVETIME=Q’ means ‘Move Modeling move to QA’ Looking at documentation, it seem '$MOVETIME' is obsolete. So instead of using $MOVETIME& figuring where to set that value, we want to switch the models to use $LEVEL. Is there any special consideration in making this change? I also see parm $LEVELS? Should that be set anywhere or only if we want to use it? Currently the model has code like the following: @ IF $MOVETIME = 'Q' 


Component: PANAPT


The variable $MOVETIME is obsolete. The chain broke after adding a new stage level in the control file maintenance.


$LEVEL replaces $MOVETIME.
Set the  $LEVEL = '<DEST1SHORTNAME>'  in the PanApt model.
In the IF statements change the $MOVETIME to $LEVEL.
Example using the $LEVEL in place of the obsolete $MOVETIME

@   $OUTDD = 'APTMDLO'                    @* SET OUTPUT TO APTMDLO
@   $OUTMEM = 'COMPJCL'                   @* SET OUTMEM
@   OK = 'N'                              @* OK SWITCH
@   IF $PHASE = 'MOVE'                    @* IF MOVE PHASE
@       IF $DIBSLANG = 'VABLNK'               @* IF VABLNK
@ IF $LEVEL = 'Q'                    @* IF QUAL MOVE TIME
@ IF $LEVEL = 'P'                    @* IF PROD MOVE TIME

Additional Information

PanApt version 3.0 , 3.1 and 3.2