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Overall Status Not working in the New UX after calculation is changed in CA PPM Classic UI


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Overall Status Not working in the New User Experience (UX) if using customized calculation and display mappings even though the status shows correctly in the Classic UI 

Steps to Reproduce: 
  1. In PPM, go to Administration->Objects->Status Report->Attributes 
  2. Click on the Overall Status attribute 
  3. Click the Build Calculated Attribute link next to Calculation 
  4. Change Sum to Max so the new Expression is: Max(cop_schedule_status,cop_scope_status,cop_cost_eft_status) 
  5. Click Save and Return 
  6. Under Display Mappings make the below changes and click Save and Return: 
  • Set On Track From and To to both be 10 
  • Set Needs Help From and To range to both be 20 
  • Set At Risk From and To range to both be 30 
       7. Create a new Project in Classic UI 
       8. From the Project's properties drop down, select Status Reports 
       9. Click New to create a new Status report with the following values: 
  • Schedule Status = At Risk 
  • Scope Status = Needs Help 
  • Cost and Effort Status = At Risk 
       10. View the Overall Status value for the Status Report in Classic UI and note that it shows "At Risk" 
       11. Navigate to the Same project in the New UX 
       12. Click on the Status tab to view the Status Report and observe the Overall value 

Expected Results: Overall displays as "At Risk" 
Actual Results: Overall displays incorrect as "No Status" 


New User Experience in CA PPM


This issue is caused by DE42549


This issue is targeted to be fixed in CA PPM 15.5.

Workaround: Update the Display Mappings for the Overall Status attribute as follows:
  • Set On Track Range to: 0-11
  • Set Needs Help Range to: 11-21
  • Set At Risk Range to: 21-99 (Note that 21-30 does not calculate red (at risk) correctly

Additional Information

5.Reference KB000047541 due to a limitation only in CA PPM 15.1: New UI: Overall Status is incorrect in the New UI and shows as Needs Help (Yellow) when it should be At Risk (Red)
Reference KB000093171 - What are the known New User Experience (UX) defects?
Reference KB000093166 - Where can I find New User Experience (UX) knowledge documents?