Debug SOAP calls from ITPAM to Service Catalog


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What are steps that can be taken to debug failing SOAP calls from ITPAM to Service Catalog?
For example, if the SOAP call is returning "Message send failed" (Which usually indicated a bad URL)
Or "Login failed" etc.


Component: USVCT


The first thing you should do is to get the exact SOAP call from ITPAM that is failing.
Open the failing PAM job and click the failed SOAP call.
Get the parameters from that call such as the Catalog URL it's trying to reach and in the event of a Login soap call get the Username, password, and business unit.

Next, bring up the SOAPUI on the PAM server itself to test the call outside of ITPAM. This is very helpful for debugging purposes.
If you do not have the SOAPUI installed then you can install the open source version from:

Once this is opened the open a new SOAP project and point this to:
If you want the LogIn SOAP call or you can browse through:
For all the available opens.

Once you have connected the open the SOAP login request and login.
You can use that sessionID for subsequent SOAP calls.

If the SOAP URL fails or the calls fail then make sure the URL is correct.
If this is going through a load balancer then try pointing directly to one of the catalog nodes and take the load balancer out of the equation,
Keep in mind that you might be using https to the load balancer but the nodes might be on http in a test environment.

Once this is working through the SOAPUI then make any changes you found are needed to the Global Data set in ITPAM where these values are stored. For example, if you found that the URL is not correct then update the SLCM URL in the PAM data set.