Modifying the OOTB OTP configuration in Admin console
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Modifying the OOTB OTP configuration in Admin console


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CA Advanced Authentication CA Strong Authentication CA Advanced Authentication - Strong Authentication (AuthMinder / WebFort)


I created a new OTP Profile limiting OTP validity to 24 hrs. How do I update the default OTP Profile issuance with the new one I created?




After you have created the required credential profiles and authentication policies, you need to assign them globally as a Global Administrator (GA) or to a specific organization. If the Organization Administrator (OA) does not specify profiles and policies at their organization level, then the global profiles and policies are used by default. On the other hand, if a GA or an OA overwrites these configurations at their individual organization level, then those configurations are applicable for the organization.

  1. Click the Organization tab on the main menu. Select the Organization for which the configuration is changed.
  2. Verify that the CA Strong Authentication tab in the submenu is active.
  3. Under the Assign Configurations section, click the Assign Default Configurations link to display the corresponding page.
  4. Select the configurations that you want to use from the corresponding drop-down lists.
  5. Save the configurations.
  6. Refresh the server cache.

Once the above steps are taken, the new Policy/Profile will be applicable.