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Ad Hoc Report Team Actual and Allocation hours in advanced reporting don't match hours in PPM


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When trying to create an Ad Hoc crosstab report (using the Investment Domain)  to show monthly total actual hours versus allocation hours, Team Actual Hours are not appearing correctly. This issue happens in CA Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) Advanced Reporting.


Component: PPMJSP


Solution 1: This is working as expected when using the Investment Domain and attempting to mix object types in field and measures. As referenced in the documentation excerpt below, use Team data when you want specific data about a team and its members. Additionally, Using mixed Calendar types is not supported and causes unexpected results in reporting so check to make sure that mixed Calendar types is not included in the report. 

Excerpt from the Investment Management Domain documentation for CA PPM: 

"Do not mix object types when selecting from Fields and Measures. If you select Investment Name in the Fields area, select a total under the Investment Totals in the Measures area. Selecting a total from a different Measures object category (for example, Team Totals) could produce unexpected results. For Investment data, use investment fields and investment measures. To use Team data when creating an ad hoc view, select a team member field from the Team folder under Fields. Use a team amount from the Team folder under Measures. In general, use Investment data (Fields) with Investment metrics (Measures) and use Team data (Fields) with Team metrics (Measures). Use Team data when you want specific data about a team and its members (for example, resources or allocation start dates).

Solution 2: Additionally, check to make sure that the correct measures are used. If you are seeing the same data in each monthly column, this can be due to using Total Hours, make sure the hours are pulled under Measures in Projects->Calendar Periods->Project->Hours 

Additional Information

See KB000109688 for steps on How to Create an Ad Hoc View that compares different measures by project in a monthly view