REST API error 404 when listing users and groups


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio) CA Release Automation - DataManagement Server (Nolio)


When trying to access users, groups and permissions via REST API CALLS, there is a 404 error.
  • https://<NAC-IP>/datamanagement/a/api/v4/users
  • https://<NAC-IP>/datamanagement/a/api/v4/users-groups
No problems when listing all applications :
  • https://<NAC-IP>/datamanagement/a/api/v4/applications
Based on REST API Reference :


The API layout in 6.4 and higher had been undergoing refactoring for better alignment and structuring to product design. We have gap in our documentation content which is not aligned to restructuring happened around REST API. We have informed the technical team to have correction for same.

The root cause for above API access issue, is that above API is no more available under PUBLIC_API segment rather moved to ADMINISTRATION  segment, henceforth no more available for access at old URI (it's the actual reason for error 404).


Release Automation : Version  6.4, 6.5 & 6.6


The correct API's (listed below) for above REST operation are available under administration segment.
  • https://<NAC-IP>/datamanagement/ra/administration/v5/user-groups
  • https://<NAC-IP>/datamanagement/ra/administration/v5/users

Please find below infographic which will provide more details around recommended way of using API.

<Please see attached file for image>

Infographic Release Automation REST API recommended usage

The complete list of all method available under each segment can be find at http://<NAC-IP>:<NAC-PORT>/datamanagement/apis/public.html

Additional Information


For some backward compatibility around end-user usage style the new API's with proper segments are still accessible at /datamanagement/a/administration/v5/user-groups instead of ra. However, you can still use the */a/* in your API instead of */ra/* but the recommendation is to use */ra/* with alignment to current design of API's. Please find more detail around same on below communities thread.


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