Whether Hub on Linux supports MS SQL Server DB?


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


Does this mean, DB on MS SQL + Windows and Primary Hub, UMP on Linux supported ?

 Whether Hub on Linux supports MS SQL Server DB? Does this work?


UIM 8.5.1
UMP 8.5.1


The answer is unfortunately NO…
UIM hub on Linux can work with MySQL and Oracle only whereas hub on Windows can use MS SQL, MySQL or Oracle.
Specific reason why this will not work: -
The data engine probe which is the core component of UIM that stores the data produced by monitoring probes in UIM database uses Microsoft OLE DB Provider for accessing SQL Server. The OLE DB provider for SQL Server is only supported by Windows operating systems.


Additional Information

UIM does not have any dependency on the Operating System where the database is installed on. With respect to database, the only requirement I see is that the database must be compatible with the Operating System on which UIM is running. For instance, if UIM is installed on Windows it can use MS SQL, MySQL or Oracle. If its running on *NIX, it can use MySQL and Oracle only. The Operating System on which these database run is not a requirement for UIM. 

There is no specific dependency for the Operating System, except the compatible drivers and configuration. However Database and version specific tasks needs to be run.