Audit Log functionality table limitations
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Audit Log functionality table limitations


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I want to register assignee and group fields from the cr_wf object in the audit log.

I followed steps that are equivalent to the steps described in KB Article 14742

However, I received the following error:

"cr_wf::audit_fields_site Unknown message"

Is it possible to audit the assignee and group of a classic workflow task of an Incident ticket?  If so, how?


CA Service Desk Manager 17.x


Although Activity Associations exist for both Assignee and Group of the Request/Incident/Problem Workflow Task (cr_wf) object as per these entries: 

Symbol Object Type Object Type Attribute Activity Type
Assignee Request/Incident/Problem Workflow Task assignee Transfer
Group Request/Incident/Problem Workflow Task group Field Update

the Audit Log Options in Options Manager, audit_upd and audit_ins, cannot be used to audit either of those activities.

The audit_upd and audit_ins options only apply to "the logging of activities on the data partitions, change orders/issues, and requests".  That is, auditing only monitor the Service Desk objects in the following list:

  • Data Partitions (dmn and dcon objects) 
  • Issues (iss object) 
  • Change Orders (chg object) 
  • Requests/Incidents/Problems (cr object) 
  • Contacts and Groups (cnt object) 
  • Configuration Items (nr object) 

Auditing does not monitor the Request/Incident/Problem Workflow object (cr_wf) or any other objects that are not in the list.

As well, the audit_upd option only applies to "Field Update".

Additional Information

1. The audit_ins and audit_upd Options Manager options:

2. Some entries for the "cr" object in the Audit Log List:

3. Audit Log List: 

4. KB000054528 ( )


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