DE358887 - SLA System calculations do not calculate history


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


SLA's sent by email that are calculated monthly are being sent with wrong values. If we manually open the SLA and recalculate it will then display the correct value under the 'Achieved' column of the report.


SLA used to calculate the current month and send the report based on current month sometimes. A fix has been created and it changed the behaviour to store data of previous month only to history tables. SLA engine backs up the data to history based on SLA job configured (daily, weekly, monthly). If SLA is daily it backs up daily, if it is monthly it backs up data monthly.


UIM 8.51
sla_engine 3.80


This is currently resolved with sla_engine-3.8.0-HF3 which can be provide by CA Support via support case.