How to enable debug tracing in CA Job Management Agent for OpenVMS.
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How to enable debug tracing in CA Job Management Agent for OpenVMS.


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System Watchdog for OpenVMS


CA Job Management Agent for OpenVMS provides a debug tracing facility within the agent process itself. This article provides details for how to enable the debugging trace and where to find the resultant log files. This article does not provide detailed instructions for analyzing the trace, and we recommend that the debug tracing facility be used only when requested by CA Technologies support personnel.

Network, proxy, name service, and other various problems can result in the Job Management Agent failing to execute jobs when requested to do so. Such problems can be very difficult to debug. For that reason, a debug tracing facility was implemented in the agent as a trouble-shooting aide.


OpenVMS Alpha - All versionsOpenVMS I64 - all versionsOpenVMS VAX - all versions


Enabling and disabling the debugging trace requires that the agent process, namely NSCHED$AGENT, be restarted at least twice, once to enable the debugging trace, and once again to disable the debugging trace. We recommend that the debugging trace be enabled only so long as necessary to reproduce the problem being analyzed, and that is due to the fact that the log files can grow quite large in a relatively short time.

1. Access the directory where the the file we need to modify resides. Execute the following command:


2. Modify the file SYS$SYSTEM:NSCHED$AGENT_RUN.COM by executing the following command and
    making the edits described below:


    Find the following four lines of DCL and remove the "!" character comment delimiter:

     $!AGENT_PORT = 5481
     $!DEBUG_LEVEL = 0
     $!RUN_DETACHED = 1

    Next, change the DEBUG_LEVEL symbol from 0 to 6; the value 6 enables full tracing. The end
    result is that you want the original four lines of  DCL code to appear as follows:

      $AGENT_PORT = 5481
      $DEBUG_LEVEL = 6
      $RUN_DETACHED = 1

    Next, scroll to or search for the following line of DCL code:


    and remove the "!" character  comment delimiter so that the original line now appears as follows:


    Save the changes by exiting the editor.

3. When permissible, stop and restart the Job Management Agent be executing the following commands:


     Once the agent has restarted, allow the agent to run as long as is deemed necessary
     to capture sufficient information. At this time, you should tale any actions that are
     necessary to reproduce the problem(s) that you are trouble-shooting.

4. Once sufficient data has been gathered, it will be necessary to stop and restart the agent once again
    in order to disable the debugging trace. We recommend that you stop the agent, recover the log
    files and then restart the agent.

    To stop the agent, execute the following command:


    Recover the following two files:



    Rename the modified version of SYS$SYSTEM:NSCHED$AGENT_RUN.COM:


Note: If you edited NSCHED$AGENT_RUN.COM multiple times, then there will be more than one modified version of the file. If that is the case, manually inspect each version of the files and rename or delete as appropriate.

Make sure that the remaining version of NSCHED$AGENT_RUN.COM is the original version by verifying that all of the "!" character comment delimiters are still in place. See step 1 to review all of the changes that were made and ensure that none of the edits are present.

    Restart the agent by executing the following command: