How to remove scheduled jobs via JMX
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How to remove scheduled jobs via JMX


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio) CA Release Automation - DataManagement Server (Nolio)


One of the product feature in Release Automation is to create scheduled jobs which will execute a process automatically at specific time and date in a periodic fashion.

In scenario where we are trying to upgrade or trying to create a dump of the product database for upgrade it is advised to remove such scheduled jobs to avoid automatic initialization of process execution which can block the upgrade process and can result in erroneous data in dump.


CA Release Automation: 6.*



The listed step can be performed by an administrator using JMX console exposed for administrative managements.

Steps to remove scheduled jobs

  1. Navigate to JMX console expose by default on port 20203 (it can be different port in your environment). The URL to access same will be 
  2. It will prompt for login, please login using the administrative username and password (default nolio\nolio) configured in your environment
  3. Post successful login find the method listAllScheduledJobs which will give you list of scheduled jobs in the product along with there respective id's
  4. Make a copy of the output in some text file for reference
  5. Find method removeScheduledJobs and enter the id's of scheduled jobs (comma separated for example 1,2 referring to id 1 and 2) captured in step 4 and invoke method which will then remove the relevant scheduled jobs from the system


Additional Information

In case if the JMX default port is not enabled in your environment, you can verify which port is configured for JMX by accessing file on path <ReleaseAutomationInstallDir>\webapps\datamanagement\WEB-INF  and look for text jmx.web.console.port.The port number mentioned here will be the port where JMX is exposed.


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