Groups in CA Performance Management are not displaying the correct member count
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Groups in CA Performance Management are not displaying the correct member count


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In large monitored networks, there may be a large number of items discovered assigned to a single group in CA Performance Center (CAPC), such as interfaces. However, not all of them are displayed since there appears to be a hard limit on the number CAPC will show.

A group with large number of items has been created in CAPC. However, the member count shown in the CAPC user interface (UI) for Groups is fixed at an upper limit of 5000 despite the number of members being well above this number. Why does the Group UI not show any more than 5000 member items and what can be done about this?


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management


The Administration UI is hard coded to 5000 so as to prevent excessive memory consumption in CAPC.

However, the full member list can be see under Universal Lists like Inventory lists. The limit for these can be increased by doing the following:

  1. Navigate to http://<CA_PC_IP_ADDRESS>:8181/pc/center/admin/debug/attrs
  2. Find the variable UniversalList.Limit and increase its value as desired. This will allow more than 5000 items to be viewed in the Inventory lists.
    • Note: this will use more memory in PC as it stores more rows. The Inventory can be used to confirm full membership of the group of interfaces/etc.

That option applies to Inventory lists.

Reports will adhere to the same limits for the same reasons.

A common option to resolve this and maintain existing performance levels is to break the single large group into smaller sub groups under a main group.

Additional Information

This issue is also addressed in the CAPM docops:

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