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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


FORMATENCRYPT was changed in TDM 4.5 to ignore the first digit in a NUMERIC Type type. This impacts the Client because The Primary Keys here are PHI and need to be masked. They have used FORMATENCRYPT (Prior for 4.5) to mask Key Fields in 5 of their internal application databases. Now they are Masking some other Application Databases, in which the Field which Key Field that links to few application also need to me masked. This needs to masked as the same value as before so that the link is possible. Request to Dev is to create a way to invoke the old FORMATENCRYPT algorithm. This may be useful for other customers as well Until they are fully migrated to new algorithm.


TDM 4.5


FastDataMasker-4.7.441.0.zip resolves the issue.  Please contact CA Support for this version or later.  If you are downloading the latest GA after 13 July 2018, please contact CA Support to verify that this fix was able to be in that GA Release.

Additional Information

Video URL on how to open a Support Case - https://communities.ca.com/videos/5898-demo-how-to-open-a-support-case

You can download the latest version of TDM by following the directions in this document: https://support.ca.com/us/knowledge-base-articles.TEC1903942.html.   

To contact support, go to https://www.ca.com/us/services-support/ca-support/contact-support.html