I just completed install CA Symdump CICS r 10. When I run the IVP transaction DEMC the dump is not captured by CA Symdump CICS. Why?


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I've installed  Ca Symdump for CICS r 10 and applied all outstanding maintenance. In testing CA Symdump CICS  with DEMC transaction the  ASRA abend is produced but the dump is not captured by CA Symdump CICS and dump is not written to the PROTDMP file. I see an LE dump is written to the CICS JES log. Why is the ASRA dump not captured?




On this LPAR LE  is getting control first and writing the dump to the JESLOG. LE is not configured to pass the dump to CICS. To resolve this problem we used the CICS transaction CETR to change the LE TRAP option to OFF  as shown below.
CLER                                                            CICS A11IC4S5
                Language Environment Region Level Run-time Options
TRAP          ==>  OFF         ON, OFF
 When finished, press ENTER.