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DSM GUI hangs during 45 seconds when clicking on a computer under "All  Computers" folder.

This problem occurs only for the first computer. If another computer is selected, the homepage is displayed quickly.



When we click on a computer, the list of Failed jobs (and modules) is retrieved and displayed on the homepage of the computer under the Status box :

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During the retrieving job status process, GUI is sending a message to plugin amms (Asset Management usage server (amms)) of the first Scalability Server by alphabetic order.

To determine which scalability server is used, go under Control Panel/Scalability Servers/All Scalability Servers.
Click on Name column to order it by name. 

In this example, the first scalability server by alphabetic order is JY_PC5 :

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In logs DSM\logs\TRC_AMMETERAPI_*.log, we could see this :
Metering A|CFSMCAPI        |CFSMCAPI            |000000|NOTIFY | SMEVENT : New Session. Target = (JY-PC5)\CA_ITRM_METER. LID = 16640003. SH = 064e8ad8

If first scalability server is not available, not reachable or plugin amms is not running, there is a delay of 45 seconds due to the timeout.



Release: UASMGT60000-1402-Asset Management


2 possibles solutions :

1- Check why the first scalability server is not available or reachable.
If this scalability server does not exist anymore, delete it under Control Panel/Scalability Servers/All Scalability Servers

Check with "caf status" if plugin amms is up and running. Start the plugin if it is not running :
caf status amms
caf start amms

If the scalability server is temporary not on network/reachable but it should not be deleted from ITCM, we could rename it in database to not have it on the top of scalability server list.

In Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, execute a SQL Query like this :
UPDATE ca_server SET label='ZZ_SSNAME' WHERE label='SSNAME'

Example : UPDATE ca_server SET label='ZZ_JY_PC5' WHERE label='JY_PC5'

Later it is possible to give it the correct name with a query like :
UPDATE ca_server SET label='SSNAME' WHERE label='ZZ_SSNAME'

Example : UPDATE ca_server SET label='JY_PC5' WHERE label='ZZ_JY_PC5'

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2- Other solution is to remove the option "List Erroneous Collect Modules" in Status box of computer homepage :

- Click on a computer.
- On the homepage, click on the small icon on top right of status box.

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- Unselect the option "List Erroneous Collect Modules" :

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- Click again on the small icon on top right of status box to leave the edit mode.

Remark :
This settings in stored in HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry key on the machine with DSM Explorer.
So this should be repeated for every remote console and for different logged users.



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