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Splash screen - need to fix tab lock


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This is the same issue that happened with the other web viewer that we had a webex, added a small line, save and fixed. I cannot find my notes from that webex. Do you still have the bit of code and where it was added so I can fix that problem? I have upgraded to build 187 and I am still on tomcat 7.0.54. 


Component: WBVLUW


need to alter the login.jsp page... What bit of code was added to fix the problem?
the version of Login.jsp provided with Build 187 of 12.1 Web Viewer contains the code necessary when implementing the special splash/login screen. -unless that version of Login.jsp failed to replace the original for some reason? 
. . So on or about line 356 (near the bottom) of the current login.jsp, you should see a block of code which begins: 
<ca_h:dialog id="mesgBox1" title="Confidential Aqreement" modal="true" parentId="loginid" rendered="#{loginBean.bSpecialInstructionsExists}"> 
<ca_f:connect signal="immediate()" slot="@{[mesgBox1].show}"/> 
<ca_f:connect signal="immediate()" slot="@{[mesgBox1].setPageCentered}"/>
<ca_f:connect signal="show()" slot="@{[mesgBox1].setPageCentered}"/> 
. . I found my login.jsp in C:\Program Files\CA\CA_OM_Web_Viewer\apache-tomcat-8.5.24\webapps\CAOMWebViewer12 and confirmed that it contained the correct code.  

Additional Information

Turns out the customer did NOT have Build 187 successfully applied. Build 187 was NOT successfully deployed and that is why the required code is not applied. The update was actually successful. The customer then needed to copy the resulting WAR file to the Tomcat/webapps folder so it would be picked up and applied the next time Tomcat was restarted.