Rally Sync error: Skipping project due to incorrect integration settings - invalid workspace id


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Clarity PPM On Premise


  • Clarity Bidirectional integration with Rally Agile Central is not working
  • When testing the bidirectional integration between Clarity and Rally Agile Central, we are getting an error message:
    Error Message = Skipping project due to incorrect integration settings :5742256::Testing-AC-Bidirectional  invalid workspace id :12345678910


This can be related to an incorrect API Key or another incorrect Rally Integration setting in Clarity.


Component: ODRLY

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Check integration settings in Clarity to make sure they are correct including:

  1. Verify the Agile Central API Key value in the Clarity Bi-Directional integration entry is correct.
  2. Check the password to make sure it's still valid
  3. Check the Integration URL and ensure that is correctly.
    • Remove anything after ".com" in the Integration and Referrer URL.

Additional Information

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