Is there a way to restore custom views that were overwritten by installing the PMO Accelerator views?


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Clarity PPM On Premise


After upgrading, the PMO accelerator was installed, including the views by accident.  This overwrote our custom views.  Is there a way to back out the PMO views and restore our custom views that were overwritten?


Release: All Supported releases with PMO
Component: ODSTU


  1. Unfortunately no, there is no way to back out the PMO accelerator views once they are installed. 
    • When installing the PMO accelerator, do not install the views.  As noted in the documentation, it will overwrite any custom views that are in place.
  2. One option to get the custom views back is to roll the system back to before the upgrade and then run through the upgrade again. 
  3. Another option if you have another environment that has the same views:
    • Identify the affected object, view etc.
    • Export the views with content package from the non production environment and import into the impacted environment