Recurring Connectivity Issues Between Domain Manager and Scalability Servers


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CAM communication, camping, caf ping, failures and CAM clients (SS machines) switch from UDP to TCP on their own without cause. Problem gets worse after they switch to TCP


When a system contains the following registry key, then any other machines that talk to it from IP Subnets that match the ENC default subnet range ( to, and possibly others, will switch to TCP, thinking the clients are ENC agents, even when ENC is not enabled on the machine:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\ComputerAssociates\Unicenter ITRM\ENC\Client


Any supported ITCA / ITCM CA Client Automation environment


In the case recorded, this key only existed on the Domain Manager and ENC was disabled on all systems. Likewise the port multiplexor was not configured with ENC Enabled at all.


Deleting this registry key and rebooting, followed by a procedure like the following, allowed all SS systems to switch use UDP and no longer switch to TCP and start having communication failures:

CAF kill rchost
CAF stop
CAM change disabled
CAM stop

Set MyError=0
    tasklist | findstr /i /c:cam.exe
Set MyError=%errorlevel%
If %MyError%==0 taskkill /f /im cam.exe

cam stop

Set MyError=0
    tasklist | findstr /i /c:csampmux.exe
Set MyError=%errorlevel%
If %MyError%==1 goto :skippmux

csampmux stop


Set MyError=0
    tasklist | findstr /i /c:csampmux.exe
Set MyError=%errorlevel%
If %MyError%==0 taskkill /f /im csampmux.exe

<perform corrective actions on all SS machines involved>*

CAM change auto & CAM start -c -l

Set MyError=0
    tasklist | findstr /i /c:csampmux.exe
Set MyError=%errorlevel%
If %MyError%==1 csampmux start

CAF Start

*Corrective actions can be simplified down to simply rebooting the SS or client machines after making sure there are no items in the *PATHS section of CAM.CFG (if it exists) in %cai_msq% that attempt to force communication to the target machine, in this case, the Domain Manager.