Need to setup Insight database
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Need to setup Insight database


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SYSVIEW Performance Management Option for DB2 for z/OS


DDL need for additional tables 

I got the DDL from the Source dataset to create the INSIGHT database.

I am already having 35 tables compared to the script which creates only 27 tables only.

Please suggest if I need to refer to some other dataset for the remaining tables.


z/os DB2


The 8 tables TCA_AUDCLAS3 TCA_AUDCLAS4 TCA_AUDCLAS5 TCA_AUDCLAS6 TCA_AUDDISTR TCA_AUTHFAIL TCA_GRANTREV TCA_UTILTRAC Would look to be 8 online reports which can run in batch as reports.

Here is a link to the documentation on these reports:

So although we do not supply DDL and load statements for these reports, we do have an option based on the Batch Reporter where users can create their own tables and load statements.

This is what i think has happened on your system.

Here is a link to the Batch Reporter "Load Statement Generator: