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Tests do not finish in Simulator


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CA Application Test Service Virtualization


The test cases which staged to the Simulator do not finish and the operator needs finish the testing from Portal.

In the simulator.log, there was a WARNING message like:

2018-07-13 06:35:46,804Z (15:35) [ [email protected]] WARN  com.itko.lisa.test.CounterDataSet - Counter data set 'Create a Numeric Counting Data Set' :This data set references properties that are not valid for use in a data set: . Unless you correct this, the data set will not work properly when staged.


All supported DevTest releases.

Component: Simulator



If the test case includes the loop with a Numeric Counting Data and the setting of the Numeric Counting Data Set like:

  1. "From" value defined as property like {{start}}
  2. "End" value defined as property like {{end}}


and the both property values set non-numeric value, then the loop becomes the infinite loop and the WARNING message for the Numeric Counting Data Set is recorded in the simulator.log




Only not to set non-numeric values for the properties for "From" and "End" fields can avoid this problem.