HOLD ACTION RO89276 (Datacom SQL) with Datacom/AD 15.0 to be performed?
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HOLD ACTION RO89276 (Datacom SQL) with Datacom/AD 15.0 to be performed?


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Datacom DATACOM - AD


We are currently using CA DATACOM/AD R12 and upgrading to R15.
After running the job AAX4APP for ACCEPT processing, the job output showed that we need to perform few system actions required.
One of those actions is associated with the DATACOM/AD component Datacom SQL.
There are 2 started tasks AD12STRT and ENFIMUF running on our systems for DATACOM/AD.
Both STC do not use CA Datacom SQL,as per the outputs generated from their SYSOUT datasets.
The installed package for CA Datacom/AD r12 currently running on our systems consists CA Datacom SQL, but there are no instances of this component on our system which shows its usage,as per our knowledge so far.
Also,there are only 3 LMP Keys presently applied on our system for PROD AX, JA and L0. 

On the basis of the above information,can you tell us whether the various components packaged in CA Datacom/AD such as Datacom/DB, SQL, IPC ,Data Dictionary etc are being used by the system or not.
In addition, can you also tell us if we need to perform the above system action for SQL or not?


Datacom/AD 15.0


You can skip the hold action on RO89276.
You install a new AD 15.0 MUF with RO89276 applied .
Your running MUFs are running AD 12.0 where this problem does not exist.
With RO89276 being applied  you will not encounter this problem when you run under version 15.0 after completing the porting procedure (AXPOR01).

ENFIMUF uses SQL under the covers.
Each MUF uses at least DATACOM/DB and Datadictionary.
LMPKEY for product AX covers all DATACOM/AD delivered products so DB,DD,SQL ,IPC,DBSRV.