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How to update Dependent Tasks with linked Start and End Dates across different Projects, with MS Project in CA PPM?


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How can you use MS Project to update Dependent Tasks across different Projects in CA PPM, if the aim is to keep the Start and End Task dates aligned?

The aim is that changing the Finish Date of a Task in one Project, would change the Start Date of a different - but dependent - Task in a another Project.

This should work even if the Tasks are in different Projects.

This should work even if the editing of the Task Date is done within MS Project, and not from within CA PPM directly.

The aim is to do this without “defining a constraint” as written in this part of the documentation:
"If you create a task in CA PPM that is not pinned through a dependency, and the task does not start on the project start date, define a constraint. The Microsoft Project Interface does not automatically put a constraint on a task and move the date."


All versions of CA PPM and MS Project that are integrated.


This scenario works provided two key steps are done.
  • When working on Dependent Projects, perform the “Save” under the “CA PPM Integration” tab against ALL open Project Tabs.
    The changes appear to be fed up via each Project to its own Project only.
    This is even though both pages are linked in MS Project, the update from the CA PPM Integration only applies for the Project Tab it is open against.

The document "Linking Start and End Dates.pdf" contains a detailed example of setting up this scenario.


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