How to create customized reports using UIM CABI
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How to create customized reports using UIM CABI


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


This document demonstrates how you can create customized reports using UIM CABI. Please note that this feature have been introduced in CABI probe version 3.20.


  • CABI Probe version: 3.20
  • uim_core_dashboards: 3.20
  • ump_cabi: 3.20
  • CABI should be accessible through UMP

You must have administrator privileges for users to create the reports using CABI. So please login to Unified Management portal (UMP) using administrator user.


  • UIM: 8.5.1, 20.X
  • CABI: 3.20, 4.X


  1. Login to UMP and click on “Unified Dashboards”-> “CA Business Intelligence Dashboards”. You will be redirected to soft link where you can click it for accessing CABI Home page.


Creating an Ad Hoc View:

     2. Click on “Create” option under “Ad Hoc Views” and select the data source “UIM Metrics Topic” and then click on OK.


         You will be redirected to Ad Hoc view creation where you can see the list of Fields and Measures available for report creation.

     3. Drag the required Fields / Measures to Columns or Groups and select the “Input Controls” for actual hosts and metrics to be selected for report creation. 

     4. Once you selected the Time Rage, group of devices (multiple hosts can be selected) and metrics then click on Apply and OK.


    5. Save the report with proper name and location.


     6. Once upon applying filters and saving the report the data will be shown as below.


Creating a report using Ad Hoc View:

     7. Click on “Home” icon (shows top left on the page) or “Create” -> ”Report” on top bar. You must have to select the Ad hoc view created in above and select the default report template and then click on OK.

    8. Once you clicked on OK, report will be shown as below. However, you can save this report with different options like PDF, Excel etc.

    9. Click on "Home" icon to go to CABI home page and then click on "View List" under Reports to view the reports created or you can search for report with report name.

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