Incorrect "Percent done by story count" on Rally Features
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Incorrect "Percent done by story count" on Rally Features


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A feature is showing "% done by story count" incorrectly, it should be 100% percent, but it isn't.

The feature Rally shows "16 of 17 stories" are done, where the feature only has 16 stories attached.

This behavior is typically due to a child story that is associated to a closed project.


The missing story could be in a Closed Project or a project where the user does not have permissions.


Check with your Workspace or Project Admin to see if they can see the 'missing' story.

1) If the story is in a project that you do not have access to, the Admin can;

  1. Give you access to that project or
  2. Move the story into a project where you do have access or
  3. Have someone with access to that project - accept the story.

To address this issue with closed project(s) follow these steps;

  1. Open the feature from the Portfolio Items page to the QDP editor
  2. Click on the 'book' icon in the header of the feature to open the child user stories in a list view on the left side of the screen
  3. The list view will show all user story children and the associated projects.
  4. Identify and reassign the 'missing' user story to an appropriate, opened project.
  5. The feature should now show the correct rollup for count and points.
  6. This process may also involve opening the user stories to see any associated defects as well.

The following screen shot illustrates the QDP editor panel and list view from which this issue can be addressed.  Note that a full examination of the revision history for the feature may also reveal evidence of the missing or unaccounted for user story.  Also Note:  Only Subscription Admins will see the missing story, all other access levels will not see the missing story.  So if you're not a Subscription Admin, you can contact your local Sub Admin to review what they see compared to your own view.