Performance Manager is not discovering interfaces
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Performance Manager is not discovering interfaces


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


No interfaces are being polled after the devices are discovered in Performance Management.


Component: IMADMN


The Network Interface Monitoring Profile is not assigned to a collection that contains the devices in question.


To add the Network Interface Monitoring Profile to a Collection you:

1. In the NetOps Portalm navigate to Administration > Monitored Items Management > Monitored Devices
2. In the left frame click the Monitoring Configuration drop-down then click Collections
3. Select a Collection you wish to edit (Like All Manageable Devices) then, in the bottom of the screen click Manage
4. In the left frame find Network Interface and move it into the right frame and click Save

At this point, a Metric Family update will begin and within 10 - 15 minutes, you should begin to see data for the new interfaces.