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Forecasted Cost in the DWH is incorrect FCST_COST field in the DWH_INV_SUMMARY_FACTS Unplanned Lines


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The Forecasted Cost being reported by the DWH in the reports is not correct.

Based on the description of the FCST_COST field in the DWH_INV_SUMMARY_FACTS table, this field should provide this:

“Total forecast cost for the plan that is the plan of record. Equals actual_cost if the period is past, plan_cost if the period is current or future.”

However, the value does not include Unplanned Lines for past periods.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Create a cost plan with planned lines. Make sure you have some periods in the past.
I grouped mine by resource and transaction class then used a different transaction class on one transaction to make the unplanned line.

2. Post transactions
a) One to match the planned lines
b) One to a different value (transclass) so you get an unplanned line.

3. Run Load DWH (I ran full)
4. Check dwh_inv_summary_facts
5. Check field FCST_COST

Expected Result: FCST_COST should include all actual costs for past periods plus planned for current month and future

Actual Result: FCST_COST does not include actual costs in past periods for Unplanned Lines.


Affects 15.3 and 15.4


The queries used to gather the Forecast amounts was not correct.


DE40169 which is planned for fix in  15.5.