DUAS node registering with the parameter -host
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DUAS node registering with the parameter -host


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


If a registration of a Dollar Universe node to UVMS is performed with the following command:

unims -register -login <login> -pwd <password> -mshost <hostname UVMS> -msport <port UVMS> -host <HOSTNAME> -areaA -areaI -areaS -label "node registered on <date_hour>" -mgrOAP -mgrSAP -mgrJEE 

... this will force the variable u_localhostname in the values.xml to be set to "<HOSTNAME>". The information will also be forwarded to UVMS.

If the node name is not spelled correctly or if it is not valid, the node will not be operational anymore.


Component: ADLRUN


The parameter '-host' must be used with care and in any case a host name, which is validated on DNS level must be used, otherwise there is a risk that the node becomes unreachable.

If there is no particular reason for choosing a specific host name, the best approach is to refrain from using the parameter '-host' in the 'unims - register' instruction!