Duplicate entries for the same host where some entries have NULL IP address


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Several robots have multiple device entries in the UIM database CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEM table resulting in duplicate entries in the UMP USM portlet for these devices.  For most of these duplciates, the IP address field is NULL.

If application discovery is configured, some 7.93 robots end up with duplicate entries in the CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEM table because the IP address column is NULL.  What is the procedure for eliminating the duplicate entries?


UIM 8.5.1 SP1
Hub 7.93
Robot 7.93
discovery_server 8.52


This is a known issue with early robot_update 7.93 releases.  This is corrected in the 7.93HF5 hot fix and later releases located on the CA UIM Hot Fix Index site:

CA Unified Infrastructure Management Hotfix Index​

Deploy the 7.93HF5 or later release of the robot_upate package to all robots where you have duplicates.
Cold start (deactivate, then activate) the discovery_server probe once all robots have been upgraded to force the recorrelation of the duplicate device entries.