MWF Migration List panel
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MWF Migration List panel


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MICS Resource Management


In the process of creating an alternate CA MICS environment by following the checklist to create a MICS complex from an existing complex.   
Upon entering MWF on the newly cloned complex, a MWF Migration List panel is displayed on the screen.   
Why is this panel getting generated upon entering MWF?

----------------------------- MWF Migration List ---------------------------
Command ===> Scroll ===> CSR 

Execute ===> N (Y/N) Execution mode ===> BATCH (BATCH/FOREGROUND)

You may bypass items that failed to migrate, retry migration after correcting 
errors, or reselect completed items. For a description of the migration item,
enter a ? in the Sel (Select) column. 

Change Execute to Y and press ENTER when you are ready to run the migration. 

Sel Migration Item Status 
- -------------------------------------------------- --------------------
S MICF Options 
S MICF Private Inquiry Catalog 


Component: MBAS


This MWF Migration List panel is from the early 90s for the MICS4 to MICS6 migration.
Check your sp.ISPTLIB for members MWFMTDSN and MWFMTLMC. These members if present trigger the launch of this panel. These are left overs from the old complex being cloned.
Rename or delete these members from the sp.ISPTLIB and then access MWF again.