mongodb_monitor bind_ip connection issue


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Mongo_monitor probe cannot connect to mongo db server when bind_ip is configured to refuse localhost (


  • In mongodb it is possible to restrict which IP addresses are allowed to access the mongodb server
  • This is configured with the bind_ip setting in the mongod.conf file.
  • By default it is configured to allow connections from the local loopback address, but it is possible to configure the IP address of the LAN interface instead
  • When this is configured the mongodb_monitor probe cannot connect to the dbserver as it is coded to use localhost as the address of the server


UIM 8.51
Mongodb_monitor 1.20


There is no permanent solution at this time.  The issue is currently being researched.  Additional information will be provided as it becomes available.
There is a development build of the probe that can support bind_ip.
Please log a support case and request the probe be supplied from defect DE318407