DU6: SYS_BATCH queue cannot been replaced
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DU6: SYS_BATCH queue cannot been replaced


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


The SYS_BATCH is the queue created by default in Dollar Universe. However it may be possible to create a new physical or logical queue in your environment.
In such situations it is important to consider the following:

When the SYS_BATCH is not used like main queue, and it’s replaced by another one, by default it will be proposed:
-When a new job or task is created, SYS_BATCH queue will appears like the default option
-In Monitoring> New Run > Batch queue: the queue showed by default its still SYS_BATCH


Dollar.Universe 6.7.21 or above
Unix and Windows


This is a normal behaviour, by default the SYS_BATCH queue will be proposed.
In order to choose the required queue, scroll down in the menu, all the created queues will be proposed.