Project Code Auto Numbering Scheme Not Working
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Project Code Auto Numbering Scheme Not Working


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The project code auto-numbering scheme was reset. Now I have added a new auto-numbering scheme to the Project code attribute, but it is not respecting the pattern. It presents the old auto-numbering scheme. How can I reset the scheme to the correct one?


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This could be caused by setting the auto-numbering on the incorrect attribute in the Project object. The Project Code is not the correct attribute for setting the auto-numbering scheme. 

The Investment ID attribute is the attribute that is shown when creating a new project as the "Project ID" value.  If the autonumbering scheme is updated for the Investment ID attribute on the Project object, then the updated Project ID values will be created when creating a new project. The Project Code field will also be overwritten by the Investment ID auto-numbering scheme regardless of its own auto-numbering scheme.

Only set the auto-numbering scheme on the Investment ID field as this will set the pattern on both Investment ID and Project Code fields.

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