Client Automation - Overall slow deployments of very large packages using NASD


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We are experiencing very slow and failing deployments of large packages. (1GB or greater) This is happening across the entire enterprise. We had a ticket open previously , pertaining one domain. The fixes that were suggested only made small improvements.


Published NASD configuration settings may not be optimal for producing the expected result.


Any NASD enabled environment


the combination of Configuring NASD (Agent side and on the SS as outlined below) and the application of T533312 (in 14 SP1 environments) is the best way to accomplish the desired results:

In addition to the patch, the following items need to be considered:

1. NASD does NOT work when the Software Delivery transfer method is set to NOS; NOS-LESS or DTS NOS-LESS is REQUIRED for NASD to function.
2. On a Scalability Server, the following item must be set for proper functionality which may seem counter-intuitive on the surface:

DSM -> Software Delivery -> Agent -> Neighbor Aware Software Distribution
            Enable Agent Collaboration to FALSE

3. On agents 75-90% of the agents should also be set to FALSE as they should be recipients of NASD transfers and not the distributors. NASD works with agent collaboration set to false, it just restricts those agents from trying to deploy to other agents themselves.

4. By contrast, Agent Collaboration should be set to True for 10-25% of agents depending on need and topology for best results. This can be done by creating computer groups (static or dynamic) with this setting applied via a custom policy so the 'enabled' agents can be controlled.

5. 'Enabled' agents should also have the following settings:

DSM -> Software Delivery -> Agent -> Neighbor Aware Software Distribution
            Maximum Number of Concurrent File Tansfers to 3 (The default but can be changed from 2-5 as needed safely)
            Package Cleanup Policy to After configured time (The default)
            Package Max Age to 7 (The default, in days, but can be changed from 3 to 90 safely as preferred)

6. Scalability Servers leveraging NASD should have the following settings in place:

DSM -> Software Delivery -> Scalability Server
            Concurrency: Maximum number of simultaneously connected agents on Scalability Server to (Number of ENABLED NASD agents + 2-20) So if you have 50 agents on an SS with NASD set to ENABLED, then this value should be between 52 and 70. Closer to 52 if NASD ENABLED agents are determined by a STATIC computer group with applied policy and up to 70 or more if using a dynamic group that may fluctuate to account for any spikes in numbers that may occur.

            Concurrency: Maximum number of simultaneously executing agents on Scalability Server to The same number specified in the setting above.

DSM -> Software Delivery -> Scalability Server -> Neighbor Aware Software Distribution
            Neighbour Aware Software Distribution: Enable agent collaboration for software deployment to TRUE

            Neighbour Aware Software Distribution: Max Agents in a subnet that can download from SS directly to (The same number of agents specified for 'simultaneously connected agents on Scalability Server' specified above.

            Neighbour Aware Software Distribution: Package Download Policy to 0 if you wish collaboration transfers only to occur between agents on the same subnet* and 1 if collaboration can occur across subnets**

*If this is the case, the number of collaborating agents will need to be changed to one that allows for the total number of subnets to be accounted for and perhaps for no collaborators at all for subnets containing only 1 or 2 computers.

**When this is the case, agents will attempt to collaborate with agents closest to them first.