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Database Plugin install for CA Agent 11.4


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Workload Automation Agent


Questions regarding Database plugin for CAWA Agent 11.4.

1. Is DBSP_JOB Agent Job Type used for CAWA Agent 11.4 version?
2. Does CAWA Agent 11.4 version supports Database plugin?
3. If above answer is yes, is it the same installer for the CAWA Agent 11.3 version?
Please explain the options we have for each of the above questions.


CA Workload Automation Agent for Databases


1.  You need CA Workload Automation Agent for Databases (Database plugin) to run Database Stored Procedure (DBSP) jobs. You can use the Agent 11.4 and Database plugin to run DBSP_JOB job type.
2. Yes, you can install latest Database plugin on top of Agent 11.4 version.
3. The installer for the Database plugin is shipped with the Agent 11.4 ISO image. You can download the Agent 11.4 ISO from CA Support website.