VCAIM nodecfgutil.exe is failing but the VCenter MOB is accesible using same login
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VCAIM nodecfgutil.exe is failing but the VCenter MOB is accesible using same login


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CA Server Automation CA Virtual Assurance for IM


  • VCAIM nodecfgutil authentication fails.
  • When launching https://servername/mob from the VCAIM host, the login completes to the mob using the same credentials as nodecfgutil.exe.
  • Generally if you can loging to the mob, the nodecgutil will also authenticate.


  • SystemEDGE 5.9 
  • T6DM030 (nodecfgutil.exe for VCenter 6.x)
  • VCenter 6.0\6.5


  • Put nodecfgutil into trace - CA_AIP_TRACE_LEVEL=trace
  • C:\Program Files\CA\SystemEDGE\plugins\AIPCommon\Rainier_nodecfgutil.log shows the following error
018-07-10 10:51:06.199   T5676 E VCL-184 ???? 0.328 ca::vcapi::Session::setupServiceContent - RetrieveServiceContent error: Soap error: 26, Type: -1, EOF was observed that violates the protocol. The client probably provided invalid authentication information., 0000000000000000
2018-07-10 10:51:06.199   T5676 E VCL-200 ???? 0.328 ca::vcapi::Session::connect: setupServiceContent failed
2018-07-10 10:51:06.199   T5676 E VCL-020 ???? 0.328 ca::vcapi::VCenterApiImpl::establishConnection: Unable to connect
2018-07-10 10:51:06.199   T5676 E VCL-002 ???? 0.328 ca::vcapi::VCenterApi::establishConnection - Failed to login
  • The above errors indicate a handshake issue between the VCAIM and the VCenter host.   
  • The VCenter host is most likely configured to only accept TLS1.2 connections.


  • Apply updated binaries included in
  • Run nodecfgutil.exe

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