How to update origin for robot inactive alarm
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How to update origin for robot inactive alarm


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


When robot inactive situation happens, the robot inactive alarm is generated by hub (not robot controller) so the alarm comes in with the origin of hub instead of the origin of robot configured in controller probe.  This makes some issues with filtering alarms based on origin.


Release: Any
Component: nas, Alarm Console, contact users


The following workaround will update the alarm with the robot origin configured in CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEM table.

1. Open NAS Raw Configure.

2. Create a new section 'origin_update' under cmdbs section

3. Create keys and values as below under the 'origin_update' section

NOTE: replace <sqlserver_ip_address>, <db_user> and <password> with appropriate values

        active = yes
        connection_url = jdbc:sqlserver://<sqlserver_ip_address>:1433;DatabaseName=CA_UIM;
        query = SELECT robot, origin FROM CM_NIMBUS_ROBOT where robot=?
        population_query = SELECT robot, origin FROM CM_NIMBUS_ROBOT
        user = <db_user>
       password = <password>

4. Create new section # under enrichment-rules section and create overwrite-rules section under the # section

5. Create keys and values as below

  exclusive_enrichment = no

     match_alarm_field = udata.subsys
     match_alarm_regexp = 1.2.2
     use_enricher = origin_update
    lookup_by_alarm_field = robot
    lookup_by_regexp =
       origin = [cmdb.origin]


6. Save and restart NAS probe

7. Check if the origin is updated for robot inactive alarm

Additional Information

Oracle DB example:
connection_url = jdbc:oracle:thin:@//<ip address>:1521/ca_uim

mysql DB example:
connection_url = jdbc:mysql://<ip address>:3306/ca_uim

You can see more examples from the URL below.

Alarm Enrichment Raw Configuration