Unable to do successful MQTT test from MAG-A to MAG-B
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Unable to do successful MQTT test from MAG-A to MAG-B


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CA Rapid App Security CA API Gateway


Trying to set up MQTT communication from MAG-A to MAG-B per documentation, https://docops.ca.com/ca-mobile-api-gateway/4-1/en/install-mag/common-installation-scenarios.
Test fails each time using minimal default settings why this is failing?


Component: APIMBL


I create a custom WEB API policy (for ease of testing) called it MQT (no contents) 

I had followed directions on the install to import the localhost certificate Via Tasks -> Certificates -> Manage Certificates. 

I first created a MQTT listen port 1998 (no TLS), Whats special here is In the Advanced tab choose my blank /mqt policy as the associated instead of the default MQTTV2. 

I then create an outbound MQTT connection to this (no TLS check off and it works. 

Clone the 1998 port and make it 1999 And choose MQTT with TLS. 
Clone my 1998 MQTT connection and enable TLS and it tests fine. 

Then I do the remote, 
The first thing I have to do for the remote is the Import of the REMOTE (Box B) certificate same as above. 
Then I make the same /mqt service (blank). 
Same ports / setting 
And make outbound connections from Box A to Box B and it works. 

The test failed each time when you are not supplying enough data (token or User/pass to satisfy the MQTT policy associated with the port. )