How does the WLC Manager discovery in Spectrum work ?
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How does the WLC Manager discovery in Spectrum work ?


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How does the WLC Manager discovery in Spectrum work ?


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Component: SPCAPP - Applications


Summary around WLC Manager and discovery:

Note: this description is specific to Cisco but applies to Aruba also (ArubaControllerApp)  
  1. Individual WLCs have to be modeled manually they are not modeled when running the WLC Manager discovery- The WLC Manager discovery is only discovering Access Points (AP)
  2. Each WLC has its own dedicated Cisco_LWAPP_App application model.
  3. When running a discovery from the WLC Manager this sets the “enableAPDisc” attribute value always to “Yes” on all Cisco_LWAPP_App app models- Even if you had set this attribute to “No” a WLC Manager discovery changes this to “Yes”.
  4. Running a discovery from the WLC Manager will cause discoveries to be run on all WLCs that are already modeled.
  5. If you have a scenario where you manually model a WLC after the WLC Manager discovery has already run, then discovery is done for that  WLC on the next polling cycle (with the enableAPDisc set to “Yes”).
  6. If want to disable a discovery to run on individual WLCs then you should modify the enableAPDisc attribute to “No” on the WLCs dedicated AP model making sure to not afterwards run the WLC Manager discovery- There will be no further AP discovered but any existing AP are not affected.

Additional Information

Please reference the "WLC Manager" section of the documentation for more information.