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cordova-ios upgrade to an unofficial platform release is required in MobileSDK 1.7.00 guide


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As per the guide for 1.7.00 - Set up iOS project
We are required to download cordova-ios platform from GitHub master branch (which is 4.6.0-dev) instead of using official currently released version 4.5.4
If we use the latest official release, we get compilation errors.
A workaround is required for the compilation errors with latest official cordova-ios release.


The reason being the platform version for iOS in Podfile is hardcoded to ‘8.0’ by Cordova, whereas our MASFoundation native framework default to a minimum of iOS 9.0 for deployment target in iOS.


Mobile API SDK 1.7.00
Cordova-ios 4.5.4


Please see attached document for detailed information to the cause and workaround for this issue.


1558536570958OfficialCordova-iOSPlatform.docx get_app