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Exchange Agent Priority


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Is it the "always" default behaviour of the Exchange agent install process to put the agent last in the list or are there cases where it may be higher?

In particular, can you comment on the following contents of C:\Program Files\CA\CA DataMinder\client\priority.ps1 -------------- $WGN_AGENT_NAME="CA Data Protection Exchange Server Agent" Set-TransportAgent -Identity $WGN_AGENT_NAME -Priority $args[0] -------------- If invoked, where is " $args[0] " coming from during the install? It is always = "total number of transport agents" + 1 ?


Component: DLPSRV


Exchange Agent install process doesn't use "priority.ps1" and  we don't explicitly set the order of CA Data Protection exchange agent. By default, Exchange adds newly added transport agents to its end of list.