Identity Governance Client Tools 14.1.0 SOAP and Database Connection issue
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Identity Governance Client Tools 14.1.0 SOAP and Database Connection issue


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We installed Identity Governance Client Tools 14.1.0 for our Identity Virtual Appliance 14.1 which is using embedded Oracle database.
We get SOAP Connector error and Database Connection error when we try to connect to the Identity Governance server and database.


Identity Virtual Appliance 14.1
Identity Governance Client Tools 14.1 running on Windows 2016


The follow is a summary about how we fixed this issue on  IdentityGovernance-Client-Tools-14.1.0.

1. Bring up a Command Prompt as Administrator, and use the regasm.exe to register the 2 dlls: 

    cd C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727\
    regasm.exe "C:\Program Files\CA\Identity Governance\Client Tools\Software\Microsoft.Web.Services3.dll" 
    regasm.exe "C:\Program Files\CA\Identity Governance\Client Tools\Software\SageSOAP.dll" 

2. Confirm the content in C:\app\{user name}\product\1x.x.x\client_x\NETWORK\ADMIN\tnsnames.ora 
    XE =
     (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = database_srv)(PORT = 1521))
       (SERVICE_NAME = XE)

   Notice the host name is database_srv 

3. Copy the entries in /etc/hosts on vApp server to the c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts files on Windows machine running the IdentityGovernance-Client-Tools-14.1.0 
    This allows the windows machine to resolve the ip address of database_srv 

4. Start IdentityGovernance-Client-Tools-14.1.0, go to General Settings, select "Use Static SQL Credentials" 
    SQL Server Type: ORACLE 
    Server: database_srv 
    Username: EUREKIFY_SDB 
    Password: EUREKIFY_SDB password 

    Apply the change and ensure it works. This verifies that the password of EUREKIFY_SDB is correct

5. Restart IdentityGovernance-Client-Tools-14.1.0, go to General Settings, select "Request SQL Credentials from a Server": 
      http://{ip address of the vApp server}:8082/eurekify/services/sageDNAService 

    Apply the change, on the prompt of "Enter Server Credentials", enter 

    SQL Server User Name: EUREKIFY_SDB 
    Password: EUREKIFY_SDB password 
    Web Server User Name: AD1\EAdmin 
    Password: AD1\EAdmin password 

    Click Ok, and we can see the message: 
    SQL Server Successfully connected (Version 

Additional Information

Please be aware of the procedure is not applicable to IdentityGovernance-Client-Tools-14.2.0 which doesn't comes with Microsoft.Web.Services3.dll