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Difference between Ob721Ax and ob721Axd dll


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CA Plex


I have a question regarding 2 of the files Ob721Ax.dll and ob721Axd.dll. In the Plex help regarding RunTime ob600Ax.dll is pointed out with ob600Axd.dll within parenthesis . I assume ob721Ax and ob721Axd is the new versions. First question, what is the difference between the files? Second question, should we have them both as part of our runtime? Up till now we have had ob600ax.dll and after upgrade we are only having ob721ax.dll.




Plex r7.2.1 onwards, WinC run-time version string has changed to 721 from 600. E.g. Plex binary Ob600Ax.dll is now named as Ob721Ax.dll. For almost every runtime binary there are two versions available within Plex installation - Release and debug version. Debug version gets extra character 'd' at the end of binary name - e.g. Ob721Ax.dll is Release version of the binary and Ob721AxD.dll is debug version. Production version of application is always built/shipped in Release mode - so only Ob721Ax.dll release version is required to bundle with application. Debug version is only required in case of application debugging or collecting crash dump with more detailed information for investigating the root cause of the problem.

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