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I have a private conversation that has been closed. 
How can I find a private conversation using the API? Can I bring it back to display in my list of private conversations?


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Yes. This can be done.

Your private conversations are stored under the endpoint: /private . Unless deleted, your private conversations are still stored. You can use the API to find a specific given private conversation. Then, you shall change the 'Open' field and set it back to true in order to restore it back into the display in Flowdock.

Call this endpoint to get your private conversations:

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You will receive a JSON that has all your private conversations. Find the conversation you're looking for. You can copy the entire JSON to a text file and search for the username of that conversation. Here is an example of one such conversation as it is seen in JSON. 

Notice the "open = false" in this block. This means this conversation is closed in Flowdock, it's not being displayed.

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To change this conversation to be opened again you shall call the resource of this particular conversation. Concatenate the 'id' to the private conversations resource.

Use the PATCH http method in order to update this resource, set a JSON data block and set 'open = true' as below:

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Refresh your Flowdock app.
You will now see this private conversation listed at top of your 1-1 conversation section:

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Additional Information

Flowdock's Help: https://www.flowdock.com/help

Flowdock's API: https://www.flowdock.com/api/messages#/thread-messages

Flowdock's Tokens: https://www.flowdock.com/account/tokens


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