Updating CA API Portal 4.2.x License
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Updating CA API Portal 4.2.x License


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How can one replace/update the CA API Portal 4.2.x license which is due to expire?

The license file has been replaced in the conf/portal.conf file and the portal containers have been restarted by executing the portal.sh script, but still software upgrade is requested again and again by email.



Component: APIPRD


As the CA API Portal 4.2.x is installed and configured using Docker deployment, the license file is set during the initial configuration and the portal.sh script is supposed to load the license file. Occasionally, it is partially failed and need to be fixed manually.


One can follow the below steps when the portal.sh couldn't update the license properly:


Start by ssh into your Portal and grab the randomly created SSG Admin password by running the below command:


Open your Policy Manager UI and connect to your internal <portal>-ssg.<domain> you set in your DNS (or hosts file) using user 'admin', the password your got in the above step and utilize port 9443 for this:

Follow the normal procedure of updating the license by select the 'Help' ==> 'Manage Gateway Licenses' option:

And update your license by clicking the 'Install License' option:


No reboot is needed.

Additional Information

Please don't follow these steps when the license was updated properly.

The license specified in conf/portal.conf is copied into docker containers when they are created by portal.sh.

Steps to run portal.sh for API Portal license update:

1. Clean up the containers from any previously running Portal stack:
a. Confirm whether the Portal stack is already running:
# sudo docker service ls
b. Remove a previously running Portal stack:
# sudo docker stack rm portal

2. Ensure the Portal stack has enough time to shut down all containers:
# sudo docker ps

3. Restart the Portal:
# sudo ./portal.sh