Unlock Account Link not Passing the Correct %username% to the Task
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Unlock Account Link not Passing the Correct %username% to the Task


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Environment: IM R14.0 SP1 on Wildfly Dan (630 995 5509) added the following link to the Credential Provider LINK2 URL: http://im1.com:8080/iam/im/ootb4pub/ui7/index.jsp?task.tag=nfcuUnlockAccounts&facesViewId=/app/page/screen/fp_identify_user.jsp&action.nfcuUnlockAccounts.identify=1&USER_ID=%username% When he is logged in as 'rogers4' and selects 'Unlock Account' from the Windows logon screen, it displays the user/accounts from the imamadmin user. I am attaching a PDF with screens and more detailed description. And will upload the Task withing the hour. **Contact Dan at 630 995 5509 or [email protected] for more details. thanks Faye


Component: IDMGR


We reviewed your system and found that the Credential Provider does pass the username into the URL properly for all three links as long as the URL is correct. We found that referencing %USER_ID% does work for ForgottenPassword but not for UnlockAccounts task while %LOGIN_ID% will work for both the tasks. We needed to make sure that the Search screen in the tasks were pointing to the Forgotten Password Search which then used the Forgotten Password Identify profile screen for identification where that profile screen referenced Login Id instead of User Id. The URLs we then used looked like the following for example: http://IM_HOST:8080/iam/im/pubidentityEnv/ui7/index.jsp?task.tag=forgottenpassword&facesViewId=/app/page/screen/fp_identify_user.jsp&action.forgottenpassword.identify=1&LOGIN_ID=%username% http://IM_HOST:8080/iam/im/pubidentityEnv/ui7/index.jsp?task.tag=UnlockAccounts&facesViewId=/app/page/screen/fp_identify_user.jsp&action.forgottenpassword.identify=1&LOGIN_ID=%username%