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UIM snmpgtw probe stopped sending traps


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The UIM snmpgtw probe was working fine and then after a restart stopped sending traps.

The log has:
Jul  7 13:38:11:496 snmpgtw: RREPLY: status=not found(4) <-10.XX.XX.XXX/48002  h=37 d=0
Jul  7 13:38:11:496 snmpgtw: attach failed 4(not found), trying subscribe.
Jul  9 10:55:07:763 snmpgtw: sockClose:0000000000D67E50:10.XX.XX.XXX/48028
Jul  9 10:56:49:435 snmpgtw: sockCloseErr: 0000000000D66990 10.XX.XX.XXX/48002 socket disconnected
Jul  9 10:56:49:435 snmpgtw: sockClose:0000000000D66990:10.XX.XX.XXX/64244
Jul  9 10:56:49:435 snmpgtw: disconnected from hub


Component: UIMSGW


The message 'attach failed 4(not found), trying subscribe.' indicates the probe failed to create and attach to its queue. 


To help ensure the probe always connects to its queue a permanent queue can be created. 
Open the hub configure GUI 
Queues tab > New 
Name = snmpgtw
Type = attach 
Subject = alarm

It is recommended to use the latest robot and hub updates. 

Additional Information

By default the snmpgtw probe will create a temp queue each time it is activated. The queue name will be t_<next available number>. 

If a queue is created with the name snmpgtw, the probe will use that rather than creating a temp queue.