Import of Child page LAR file fails


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I attempted to import a LAR file into my Private Pages in UMP, but I got a generic: "An unexpected error occurred while importing your file."
wasp is at log level 5 but reports nothing.
I created this LAR file from one of my other accounts in the same domain and UMP.
This is the out-of-the-box Azure dashboard.


Client was trying to export a child page and import it
into a user that did not have the same structure.
this is not supported.


UIM 9.0 and earlier
UMP 9.0 and earlier


When a page which is in a particular hierarchy is exported from one user account, then it expect the same hierarchy in the importing environment as well.
In our case, customer is exporting a page from Unified Dashboards, which is having the following hierarchy.
Unified Dashboards -> Cloud and Virtualization -> Azure
When the same page is importing in to another account, then it will expect the same hierarchy in that user account as well.
If that does not exist then the import will fail.
Since customer is trying to import azure lar file which expects Unified Dashboards as parent, then first import Unified Dashboards and then import Azure lar.
This will solve the problem.

You can not manually create the structure and then import the child file.
You must import the entire structure for the child page you want.