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Missing Robots in Dynamic Group After Adding User Tags


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Change or add user tags to a robot but the robots are missing from the dynamic group that uses user tags for the group filter.

What needs to be done to get robots added to dynamic groups in the UMP USM portlet which are defined with filters that look at robot user tag settings?


UIM/UMP 8.51
robot 7.93
hub 7.93


To get robots added to UMP USM dynamic groups where filters are defined to add devices with specific user tags, the following has to be done:

1.  Define the UMP USM dynamic group and set up the required filters for the group that looks at the user_tag_1, user_tag_2, or both user tags for robots discovered in the UIM domain
2.  Make sure the discovery_server probe is up and running (by default this would be on the primary hub) and that the probeDiscovery queue on the hub where the discovery_server is running is not backed up.
3,  For each robot that you want to add to the UMP USM dynamic group, open the controller probe's Configure GUI from Infrastructure Manager, change the user tag values to the required values, apply the change and restart the controller probe.
4.  On a restart, the controller probe should publish a probeDiscovery message that will be processed by the discovery_server probe.  The discovery_server will update the appropriate device tables in the UIM database adding the new user tag value changes made.  This may take a few minutes depending on the message traffic and how busy the discovery_server probe is.
5.  The nis_server probe on the primary hub is configured by default to rebuild the device GROUP tables every 5 minutes.  This interval is controlled by the group_maintenance_interval key value in the setup section of the nis_server probe (only configurable through the probe's Raw Configure GUI).  It is not recommended that you decrease this interval. especially if you use the Monitoring tab in the UMP USM portlet in order to use the Monitoring Configuration Service (MCS) feature for bulk probe deployment/configuration since decreasing the group update interval will adversely affect MCS performance.
6.  Once the CM device tables have been updated with the robot user tag changes, the next time the nis_server rebuilds the device GROUP tables, the robots should appear in the UMP USM dynamic group that is filtering on the user tag settings.