Cannot Launch Workbench unless selecting "Run as Administrator"
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Cannot Launch Workbench unless selecting "Run as Administrator"


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After installing SCM Client or SCM Workbench Only client on Windows Server 2016 64-bit we find it won't run when just double clicking on the icon to launch.

If we right-click and select "Run as administrator" when starting Workbench or Administrator Tool, we find that this works correctly.


CA Harvest SCM Workbench client v13.0.3 and higher
Windows platforms


The "Program Files" directory on Windows is typically considered a system-protected area, and applications installed are subjected to additional security restrictions. If the application is trying to write or modify files within its own installation directory example: “C:\Program Files\CA\SCM” it may run into problems if the file or folder is marked "Read Only," or the user does not have the appropriate permissions.


One solution is to:

  1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the %CA_SCM_HOME% folder 
  2. Right click on the Configuration folder and select "Properties" 
  3. Click on the Security tab 
  4. Click "Edit" 
  5. Select the "Users" user group above and check the "Full Control" checkbox below. 
  6. Click OK to confirm. 
  7. After this Workbench can start normally.

Another solution is to install SCM Client or Workbench Only to another folder instead of to C:\Program Files